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Ever want to be an agent for change, or maybe an agent for fun? How about an AgENT instead? I had the opportunity to join my friend Alexi, his colleagues and students and two other speakers for an AgENT evening at Lethbridge College a couple of weeks ago.  

First of all this is NOT the LCC (Lethbridge Community College) you may have heard about from your parents or grandparents. This is THE place to be for some super COOL goings on for ag tech and other learning. From what I got to see on my short tour I am so impressed, and those students and instructors have a great facility to be teaching and learning in. Wow! 

Okay who is AgENT? Click the link for more but here is a snapshot.  AgENT, this program experiential learning opportunities to build foundation skills in innovation and entrepreneurship. 76 registered students, it started in September 2018 and April 2019 and March 2020 are when events usually take place. as well as students’ other innovators work with the students as well, the range is very diverse from advocacy to indoor ag and more.

The evening event I was honoured to be a guest at also had a couple of super smart speakers talking about BlockChain and AI (artificial intelligence). We geeked out and learned so much from them. I had no idea about how it all worked but now I am super curious and will be doing some more of my own learning. Thanks Jefferson Gardner  and Dr. Muhammed Khan of InBridge Inc. for your great presentations! 

AgENT has some really cool things going on like a collaborative event between McGill University, Dalhousie University and Lethbridge College, with support from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), teams are formed to take on certain challenges, like a hackathon! This event is very Fascinating, and if you are a college student or a innovation leader or representative of a company, I suggest checking out Agent yourself!

Oh and if you were wondering, I talked about the Ag Tech Steam project, how sometimes when you are doing innovative things you have to deal with breakdowns and setbacks and how to stay positive. I really enjoyed the questions, and the patience when my Mini DOT 2.0 decided not to work properly (we did troubleshoot the issue back at home and she is running good now!)  I also got to check out the Lego they have at AgENT and hope to come back and do some building with the crew there. What should we make? Hmmmm….

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