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Blueberries, you love em, I love em.  Have you ever wondered how they get from the field to your favorite snack or meal? High bush blueberries can only thrive in a more temperate climate, think Southern British Columbia, California, Florida, Louisiana and other regions with similar climates. Low bush blueberries...

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Friend or Foe?

Friend of Foe?LadybugHello ladies and gentlemen to a new series of blog posts where I dissect whether a specific insect is afriend of us or a foe. We’ll be sharing some cool resources and links too!!In this post we will be discussing the ladybug, quite famous for its bright red...

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Weather in Summer

Weather in summerIf you live in Canada, chances are you groaned at the impending hot weather or rain storms or began toprepare for a hailstorm after hearing it on the news. What do these unique weather conditions mean forfarmers, with weather that can go from 38 degrees all the way...

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Summer is Here!

Summer Is Here!Summer is here!! Many of you will be excited for summer break and many farmers are resting fromseeding and spraying.But for farmers and agri scientists this is also a time of stress, because of the changing weather patternsas well as natural weather of Canada. Things like hail, frost,...

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I want to bring coding and ag tech to rural kids, and to educate those not familiar with ag and ag tech to offer options for the future with agriculture, ag tech and STEAM. I want to help kids access ag tech and STEAM nomatter where they live and learn. "
Luke Silinski
Founder & Head of Play