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Little Brick Pastoral and Ag Tech STEAM! Collaboration

I want to start this by thanking Aimee from Little Brick Pastoral for being a wonderful person and for going out of her way to visit me. It was super insightful and an amazing experience! I am super excited for the future and for the opportunity to expand my horizons...

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Puzzel(Not, its not spelled wrong) games and more

Hello Everyone, been awhile. But I have something that will be worth the wait. Something fun and entertaining that you can enjoy on your computer, mobile device and (if rumors are to be believed) at the 20/20 Seed Labs booth during trade shows! You are probably on the edge of...

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Ag Tech Steam – Scalable for all ages

We are so excited about the Content Packs on and the newly released Ag Tech Steam Boxes filled with fun ag tech and STEAM activities. A question I hear quite often is “What age or grade are they made for?” and this is a great question.  The answer is...

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Season’s greetings from Ag Tech STEAM! 

Season’s greetings from Ag Tech STEAM!  I hope all of you, urban or rural, are doing well this windy, mild then brisk winter!  It was a great long fall to get farm work done but then BOOM the cold came! For those fans of winter, I’m happy for you!  I...

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I want to bring coding and ag tech to rural kids, and to educate those not familiar with ag and ag tech to offer options for the future with agriculture, ag tech and STEAM. I want to help kids access ag tech and STEAM nomatter where they live and learn. "
Luke Silinski
Founder & Head of Play