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Code Product Review

Starting the post off, Best Buy Geek Squad Quick Activities, these are fairly short and simple, but can offer significant challenge to those who have little experience, it has small modules dedicated to specific things like photography, HTML, binary. It’s a great way to sample lots of different things to...

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Building for Fun

This weekend for #STEAMSunday we built a tensegrity structure from Lego. What’s that you ask? Check it out here: There are some really cool ways to build these structures, the easiest for you at home might be using Lego. We learned you need strong and stiff beams so the...

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Super AgENT

Ever want to be an agent for change, or maybe an agent for fun? How about an AgENT instead? I had the opportunity to join my friend Alexi, his colleagues and students and two other speakers for an AgENT evening at Lethbridge College a couple of weeks ago.   First of...

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Working on something new…

Finished by Bugs 101 – what a great course! You should take it. For real. Well done U of A! Went to the Emerging Agriculture Hackathon in January (seems so long ago) and had a GREAT time with my hack-partner Megan. Got to see lots of folks (Jon from FCC,...

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I want to bring coding and ag tech to rural kids, and to educate those not familiar with ag and ag tech to offer options for the future with agriculture, ag tech and STEAM. I want to help kids access ag tech and STEAM nomatter where they live and learn. "
Luke Silinski
Founder & Head of Play