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Finished by Bugs 101 – what a great course! You should take it. For real. Well done U of A!

Went to the Emerging Agriculture Hackathon in January (seems so long ago) and had a GREAT time with my hack-partner Megan. Got to see lots of folks (Jon from FCC, Max, Danielle and Cory) and visited with Coral and the rest of the Emerging Ag team. We went a little out of the box for our hack, and yes we may try to make that one happen too!! If you get a chance do a Hackathon. They are great!

Working on content packs for Ag Tech Steam and helping out at our school’s STEaM club.

But what I am really excited about is building a new EV3 (while we wait for parts for the autonomous tractor project). It is a snake but will be part of something cool about beneficial animals for cropping and livestock. And how we may say, EWWWW when we should be saying WOW! And thanks!

Check back here soon, or on social for more about that.

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