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We had such a GREAT time at Ag Smart Olds – made some awesome connections, saw old friends and made new ones. And of course saw DOT. And shared about Mini DOT 2.0 and Ag Tech Steam.

It is almost back to school for most of my friends, and we are looking at this last week of ‘summer’ as a way to get ready and to squeeze in as much summer as we can!

If you are wondering about how to get more coding at your school check out Code Mobile ! They will come right to your school and teach all your grades about the amazing fun of tech and coding. How cool is that? Then you can start your own Code Club with Kids Code…and enter to win some MicroBits! They are a lot of fun to code with. We had them at our school and it was AWESOME!

What’s new with Ag Tech Steam? We are working on building some content packs for fall – so this is your chance to tell us which ones you’d like to see first! Send your ideas to us in the comments, or share on social (TW, IG and FB)

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