Season’s greetings from Ag Tech STEAM! 

Season’s greetings from Ag Tech STEAM! 

I hope all of you, urban or rural, are doing well this windy, mild then brisk winter!  It was a great long fall to get farm work done but then BOOM the cold came! For those fans of winter, I’m happy for you! 

I am doing well, and I am very excited about Christmas! I love the movies, the food, and family time during the holidays. 

So, what’s new going on? Well, big things are coming!

As of the writing of this blog post, 90% of the physical Ag Tech STEAM boxes are ready to be packaged and shipped, all we need to do is finish some extra instructions for you. Plus add some special final touches and you will have a belated Christmas gift coming in the new year!  Everyone who has signed up for a box will get an email letting them know they are on the way! If you haven’t signed up for a box yet let me know! 

What are the plans for 2022 and beyond? So much cool stuff!

After the boxes get finished we plan to ramp up production on content packs, work on a more consistent blog schedule, as well as more videos for the YouTube channel. 

Now, go and have fun with your family, friends, and critters!  However you celebrate the holiday season, we wish you the best! 


Founder and Head of Play, Ag Tech Steam

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