Update! Yay, what have I been doing recently?

Building ag tech steam Lego, which means that those who are getting brand NEW physical boxes get to build a small Lego project to go along with your learning material! That’s right you get  learning material fit for elementary, Junior high and High-school, science projects and technology projects as well as a small Lego build! Who doesn’t like Lego right!?

Spending time with family, family is especially important to me, and I am important to them. They have been helping me with my Ag Tech STEAM project and giving me all sorts of support

How did all my farmers enjoy Canadian Ag Day? This one was a wild one, new content packs and big announcements. And with seeding coming up I am extremely excited to get more work done on this wonderful project. To meet the brand-new season and the new farmers being taught the wonders of Canadian Agriculture!

Spending time on the website agtechsteam.ca! if you go to the website you may see some new content packs! These ones have been recently developed and now that we are partnered with FCC, we are hoping to get content packs to people physically in boxes! So, hit us up in DMS on Instagram, and Twitter, all you need to do is click the follow button and dm me “I want to enter the contest!” and you will be entered for a chance to get a content pack.

And having fun at homeschool! School is always there, but I always make time for family and fun, and you can do the same thing, even for a small while. It is a great exercise and break! Make sure to keep a healthy balance. Some life advice from someone who struggles with balance.  

Hope everybody is safe and doing well, I am Luke of Ag Tech STEAM and I hope you have a great day, week or month.

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