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Entomology, the quintessential study of agriculture and agronomy, if it weren’t for the people that study insects, we would probably not have as many crops as we do today and many people would be hungry.

Good thing we have courses like the one i am doing on www.coursera.org, it is called Bugs 101, and it is a very interesting intro into the curious world of insects and other creatures like them and how they interact with us and our crops daily, and some of the insect population is extremely helpful and how others are extremely unhelpful and even harmful to our crops and lifestyle.

We must not forget that there are also many helpful insects that not only hunt down pests, but help renew areas that may have been devastated by other creatures, because where there’s insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and many more are almost guaranteed one step behind them. With millions of species discovered and many more still being found and cataloged, i am sure that there will never be an end to discoveries about insects.

Moving on, what is entomology, before all you farmers raise your hands and tell the whole class, I’ll give you the rundown: entomology is the study of insects in an agricultural field, and it is VERY useful for dealing with crop sickness and disease, as insects can not only eat crops, but spread diseases.

Insects are wonderful creatures with a diversity that is almost unprecedented. (By The Way: Bugs 101 is absolutely free, just make an account on Coursera) 

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all in the next one 


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